[NetDev-People] Reminder + update on registration process

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Sun May 31 18:51:13 UTC 2020


This is a reminder to everyone who registered before
we moved from a physical to a virtual conference and
has so far not responded to our earlier request.

To encourage responses, we are putting a deadline to
June 21 to hear back on what option you'd like to
proceed with. If we dont hear back by June 21st
we will assume a default option (more below).

Reminder: The virtual conference is CDN $100.

So far we have offered 3  options for moving
from physical to virtual:

1) Get reimbursement for the difference between what
you paid and $100.
2) Defer the reimbursement and make it part of your
registration fee for the next conference.
3) Unregister and get your fee back (minus 7%
processing cost).

Based on feedback we have received since the last
announcement we are offering a 4th option:

Registration "with support option".
In this 4th option we dont reimburse you - rather
we issue an invoice which shows line items that
look similar to the following example:
Canceled In-Person Netdev meeting refund         (475 CAD)
Virtual Netdev 0x14 meeting fee (support-option)  475 CAD
Total Due                                           0 CAD

The support-option registration simplifies our accounting and
book-keeping work/costs as well as helps us financially.
In addition, it is our understanding (based on feedback) that
it may simplify some people's lives in large corporations
where a reimbursement requires extra time consuming process
for the reimbursed attendee.

If we dont receive a response by June 21st we will assume a
default of option 2. I.e we will keep the difference
for the next conference. Should you wish to cancel at any time
before the next conference it will be subject to our
standard policies and cancellation fees being applied
(appropriate for the time you cancel).

Please  send email to: registrar at netdevconf.info
stating what option(of the 4 listed above) you'd like to go with
and present us a copy of your registration receipt to assist us
in processing. It is very important you send us that
registration receipt to save us time in processing. If
you can't find your registration receipt then still reach out
to us but state that explicitly in your email.

If you cancel your registration(option #3) after we ship
the tshirt/badge/sticker to you, the regular cancellation fee
of 50% will apply instead of the 7% processing fee.
We plan to start shipping tshirts etc around June 21.

When you submit a request, please be patient with us since
the process is a bit manually intensive (and we
still have volunteers doing some of the work). To be more efficient
we need to collect a batch of requests and process them in one sitting.
These batches will be processed once a week for all outstanding
requests from the week before.
So ping us only if you havent heard back in over a week.


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