[NetDev-People] 0x14: nutsnbolts, Security and Control of SR-IOV: What’s Our Responsibility if the Kernel is Bypassed?

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Thu Feb 13 21:54:19 UTC 2020

Network kernel bypass is becoming more common.
Often the given rationale to bypass the kernel
is that it takes too long to develop and enable
the kernel for new features.

Kernel bypass opens the possibility of multiple, independent
agents trying to independently (and directly) use and
manage resources.
This breaks the assumption that the kernel is the central
system resource manager.
The sanity and security of the system can be compromised.

In this talk, Carolyn Wyborny and Tom Herbert will look
at this issue with the perspective of SR-IOV’s Virtual
Functions (VF); they will introduce the problems of control
and security in the context of kernel bypass.
They will propose some potential solutions and finally
they hope to initiate a community discussion
on the topic.

More info:

Reminder, registration is now open and early bird is still in effect.


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