[NetDev-People] 0x14: nutsnbolts talk, Media Redundancy Protocol

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Tue Jan 28 21:45:08 UTC 2020

MRP(Media Redundancy Protocol) is an open standard for ring topologies
in industrial ethernet networks defined in common standards-based
protocol(IEC 62439-2). In an MRP-enabled network each Ethernet switch
is connected to two other switches forming a ring. An MRP-enabled ring
can overcome single link point of failures at worst case recovery time
of 30ms - which is faster than STP.

In this talk Horatiu Vultur will describe the MRP protocol in
some detail. They will then proceed to discuss the effort to add support
to the kernel; different implementation approaches considered and
eventual implementation path taken after receiving feedback on the
mailing list. And last but not least, future work will be discussed
including hardware offload of MRP as well as preliminary results
comparing hardware-offloaded MRP vs non-offloaded version.

More info:

Reminder, registration is now open and early bird is still in effect.


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