[NetDev-People] Introducing netdevconf c3po working group

Tom Herbert tom at quantonium.net
Mon Apr 1 23:16:29 UTC 2019

Hello netdevers,

Based on discussions at netdev 0x13, including one side meeting, a
working group is being created to continue discussion and work on
common problems in programmable protocol processing. The name of this
working group is "Common Programmable Protocol Processing Objective"
or c3po for short.

Working groups are new concept to netdevconf.
The idea is that a "netdevconf working group" is composed of an ad hoc
group of people that come together for a common purpose to address a
problem or need. Working groups are appropriate to solve problems
across solutions that that require common APIs, programming models,
architectures, etc. There is no official membership in a working
group, anyone interested in the topic may subscribe to the email list.
Working groups are intended to be light weight with a flow that is
defined by the participants. The one bit of formality is to have a
stated objective for the working group.

The draft objective of c3po-wg is to define an architecture and
interfaces for programmable protocol processing. Some sort of
"specification" is potentially the output of the workign group that
defines a common model for programmable protocol processing in
different devices across various OSes, hardware, switches, NICs, etc.

The mailing list for c3po is c3po-wg at netdevconf.org. Please visit
https://lists.netdevconf.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/c3po-wg to join
the list.


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