[NetDev-People] 0x13: Industry Perspectives Panel

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Tue Mar 12 12:56:04 UTC 2019

This is our first (of hopefully many to come)
Industry Perspectives Panels.

The Industry Perspective Panel brings to us industry
experts who will provide us an opportunity to learn
from their trade craft. How do we, as the Linux Netdev
community and ecosystem, play a role or not is at
the core of the panel discussion.

In the 0x13 session the focus is on network
operations: We have a big data centre view,
a world wide cloud platform deployment view
and an edge cloud view.

Featuring panelists:
Shawn Zandi from LinkedIn,
Marek Majkowski from Cloudflare,
and Vikram Siwach from MobiledgeX.

moderated by:
Sowmini Varadhan and
Roopa Prabhu.

More info:


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