[NetDev-People] 0x13: Moonshot, Potential IPv4 Unicast Expansions

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Sun Feb 17 12:48:11 UTC 2019

There is a dollar cost to IPv4 addresses:
15 to 20 a piece and that price is going up!
And, no IPv6 is still not taking over the world
yet. So John Gilmore, Dave Taht and Paul Wouters
want to squeeze more out of that IPv4 address space.
They believe there are a few hundreds of millions
of addresses that can be libertated for this good

They have started the march to freedom for those
addresses. They have some patches already accepted
into the kernel and some pending for distros, vendors,
routing daemons, userland tools, etc.

More info:

Gentle reminder to all:
Early bird registration is still open until Feb 20th.


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