[NetDev-People] 0x12: Workshop! IoT related MAC layers, header compression and routing protocols

Jamal Hadi Salim jhs at mojatatu.com
Fri May 18 12:47:07 UTC 2018

Stefan Schmidt will chair a working session with face to face
discussions on IoT related MAC layers, header compression and
routing protocols.

In no particular order the agenda would roughly cover:
o ieee802154 and 6lowpan subsystem status update for the last kernel
o Defining a userspace API to configure 6lowpan header compression
o Discuss what needs to be done for an ieee802154 hardMAC extension to
the stack
o Improve test coverage with hwsim, tdc, scapy & TITAN
o Thoughts on software fallback implementations for ieee802154 CSMA
and AACK
o Thoughts on a LoRa subsystem (with SCHC addition to 6lowpan) for Linux

please contact Stefan to request for a slot for the above or new
relevant topics.



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